Guided tours

Guided tours at the “Fortress of Three Nations” exhibitions

The “Fortress of Three Nations” exhibitions opening at the National Archives of Finland and the Suomenlinna Museum on 12 May 2021 demonstrate original material related to the history of Suomenlinna. The documents and artefacts at the exhibitions mainly come from the collections of the National Archives, and Swedish and Russian museums and archives. A broad range of interesting exhibits to read and see will be on display about the royal navy, the ship building tradition, naval warfare, royalties, vessels, influential Russian families, and life next to the capital, not forgetting love and romance.

The exhibition celebrates the work the Ehrensvärd Society has done for Suomenlinna. The purpose of the Ehrensvärd Society is to inform the public and researchers of Suomenlinna and its history. In May, the Ehrensvärd Society will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The exhibitions will be open until 30 September 2022, and you can visit them independently or during guided tours.

At the unique exhibitions, guided tours will dive into the maritime history of Suomenlinna as a naval base of three nations. You can book a tour at the National Archives or the Suomenlinna Museum, or you can visit both museums during the same day, combined with a cruise and lunch.

Guided “Navy of Three Nations” tour on Suomenlinna

The Suomenlinna fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has belonged to three nations: to Sweden from 1748 to 1808; to the Russian Empire from 1808 to 1918; and to Finland since 1918. The fortress was an important naval base where naval vessels were designed and built, from where warships departed to battles, and from where innovation spread. Later, the large dry dock of the fortress has been a submarine base and an aircraft construction site. The dry dock is still in operation and an important part of Helsinki’s maritime character.

The special “Fortress of Three Nations” exhibition at the Suomenlinna Museum presents broad aspects of naval operations on the islands. During the guided tour, we will dive more deeply into the navy of three nations by visiting the Suomenlinna dry dock and the special “Fortress of Three nations” exhibition at the Suomenlinna Museum. You will also have the opportunity to visit the otherwise closed pump room.

Suomenlinnakeskuksen rakennus ulkoa.


The tour takes 1.5 hours.


€190 for groups of 1-10 visitors

€290 for groups of 11–25 visitors

More information and bookings: guidebooking(a) or +358 9 684 1850

Guided tour at the “Fortress of Three Nations” exhibition at the National Archives

At the exhibition at the National Archives, you can experience the fascinating history of the navy of three nations. The navy based on Suomenlinna and its dry dock have offered many interesting historical twists and turns. Shipbuilding, innovation and changes of power have influenced many people’s lives, ranging from the royalty to crew members.

During the guided tour at the exhibition at the National Archives, you will experience the history of the navy through a broad range of artefacts. Your guide will make all the exciting stories and secrets of the dry dock come to life.

The tour takes roughly one hour.

Kansallisarkiston näyttelytila, jossa on esillä Suomenlinna-näyttelyn aineistoa.



€190 for groups of 1-10 visitors

€290 for groups of 11–25 visitors


Information and bookings: ka.tiedotus(a)

Full-day trips

Make your visit to the exhibitions at the National Archives and the Suomenlinna Museum a full-day experience! Our day will start with the exhibition at the National Archives in Kruununhaka, from where we will walk to the Market Square and take a ferry to Suomenlinna. A tasty lunch will be served at one of Suomenlinna’s high-quality restaurants. After lunch, we will visit the exhibition at the Suomenlinna Museum, as well as the dry dock and pump room. The guide will be with the group throughout the trip.

Guided tour of two exhibitions:

€480 for groups of 1-10 visitors

€580 for groups of 11–25 visitors

JT-Line ferry tickets from the Market Square to Suomenlinna and back: €8.00 per person; pensioners: €4.00 per person.

Rantamaisema Suomenlinnasta, etualalla kiemurteleva hiekkatie, taustalla meri, jossa pieni vene etenee.


Request an offer for lunch.

More information and bookings: guidebooking(a) or +358 9 684 1850