National Archives Exhibition

Historic turning points at the National Archives exhibition

Augustin Ehrensvärdin muotokuva.Suomenlinna has been involved in many of the turning points of Finnish history. The exhibition at the National Archives presents the history of Viapori-Suomenlinna from the time that Sweden fortified the islands in order to protect its navy.
On display are objects and situation maps related to the wars of Gustav III, as well as documents from the American Civil War that belonged to Carl Olof Cronstedt and Victor von Stedingk, both of whom were influential in Viapori. Objects related to the Finnish War include documents signed by Admiral Cronstedt, such as orders to defend Viapori and the agreement to hand over the fortress to the Russians.
The Russian era is represented by drawings of various groups of buildings around the fortress, dating back to the 1820s right after Helsinki had become the country’s capital, as well as news articles and paintings depicting the 1855 bombardment of Viapori. Material related to the years of independence focus on, for example, the Naval Academy, as well as the artillery and navy in Suomenlinna. The history of the Ehrensvärd Society, which celebrates its centenary this year, forms a section of its own.

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