Amphion was draw by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman as a yacht for Gustav III and it was launched in 1778. Amphion functioned as a commandership in the war against Russia in 1788–1790 and barely avoided ending up as a wartrophy for the russians. After Gustav III was killed in 1792, the ship was put away. She waited in a shed until 1829, when the ship was equiped again. Amphion finctioned in the 1850s as a quarantineship for cholera patients, and in 1875 she became a barrackship. The ship was hacked down in 1885, but only the transom and cabin were preserved.

Laivan poikkileikkauskuva sivusuunnassa.

Kuva: Sjöhistoriska museet, Stockholm

Purjealus (mustavalkoinen valokuva).

Amphion majoitusaluksena. Kuva: Sjöhistoriska museet, Stockholm