Scale model of BRYNHILDA OF POHJANMAA-CLASS from the Ehrensvärd Society collection

”I have today had a fully armoured Pohjanmaa -ship launched and have two hours later tested it with both sails and oars. It is a beautiful ship!”

Augustin Ehrensvärd


The ships of Pohjanmaa class were, as all archipelago frigates, equipped with both sails and oars. The oarsmen were seated at the sides of the ship. The main guns were installed at the front and stern on rotating carriages, while the lighter guns were at sides of the ship. The impact of such an armament was limited, but these ships were mostly intended for reconnaissance. Rigging of the ship was quick, due to a special mechanism for raising and lowering the masts. These masts could quickly be lowered before battle and raised again if it became necessary. Rowing these ships was easy, which was also an advantage.

The frigate could carry enough provisions for 6 weeks and water for 3 weeks. Brynhilda participated in the war against Russia in 1788-1790, for example in the battles at Korkiasaari, at Svensksund in 1789 and at Hamina in 1790. The name of the ship, Brynhilda, comes from old Nordic and German folklore.


Brynhilda built: 1776 in Stockholm.
Length:29 meters
Width: 6 meters
Draught: 1,8 meters
Crew: 100 men
Oars: 14, 2 men at each oar.
at the prow: two 12-pounder cannons
at the rear: two 12-pounder cannons
at the sides: four 3-pounder swivel cannons at each side



Laivan piirustukset (sivukuva, kuvat edestä ja takaa).